Getnode Review – Propagating Cryptocurrencies with Masternodes?

Getnode Review – Propagating Cryptocurrencies with Masternodes?

Getnode, a provider of so-called Masternode Pools with already more than 2600 members, offers everyone the opportunity to multiply their Bitcoins. How exactly this works and what our previous experiences with Getnode’s service have been can be read in our detailed test report. We ourselves paid 1.39 Bitcoin in February 2019 and after 111 days we are drawing our first conclusion.

Masternodes – a lucrative alternative to earn coins?

Before we report about our experiences, we want to explain in a few sentences what this service is all about. If you want to skip this introduction, you can jump directly to our experience report here.

If you have been through the cryptocurrency boom, you surely already know that during this time you could increase your Bitcoins by mining. You can read more about Bitcoin Mining here. Unfortunately, the level of difficulty for Bitcoin in particular has already risen so much that it is no longer profitable for most people.

Other cryptocurrencies such as Dash or Pivx rely on master nodes to secure their network and enable transactions. And by setting up such master nodes you can also increase your cryptocurrencies. In contrast to mining, there are still many lucrative opportunities here, which Getnode also uses. Unfortunately, the independent setting up of a master node brings some difficulties with it:

For established cryptocurrencies like Dash, a master node already costs several thousand, if not 10 thousand Euros. So it is already too expensive for 99%.

Setting up a master node requires technical know-how

Finding out the best master node options requires a high level of market knowledge for cryptocurrencies and hosting it yourself and setting it up is quite an effort. If you bet on the wrong horse you can quickly burn your money.

This is where Getnode comes in. Because this provider wants to eliminate exactly these problems by doing this work for its members.

Participate in master nodes with Getnode

Masternode pool

Getnode sees itself as a Masternode Club. Already more than 2600 members (as of June 2019) pay in Bitcoins, which are then bundled and invested in various master nodes. So while you can hardly afford a DASH Masternode yourself, it is possible to participate to a % share. However, Getnode does not only bet on one racehorse, but distributes the risk to various master nodes in order to spread its risk and achieve the maximum profit. The more members participate, the more master nodes can be set up.

All you have to do is pay in the money, the rest is done by Getnode itself. cryptocurrencies are bought, master nodes are set up and, as they develop, dissolved again…Profits are converted back into Bitcoin and distributed to its members. 8 employees take care of a smooth process. Getnode itself earns 25% of the profits. So there are no costs per se, but the profit is divided. 75% goes to the members, 2%5 to Getnode.

How Getnode works in detail

Since you can set the language on the website of Getnode in German, a registration is very easy and also free. Afterwards one must still verify oneself and deposit Bitcoin. Already the multiplication can begin. The offerer bundles the payments and sets of it various Masternodes on. The “investment” is then bound for 180 days. This guarantees the maintenance of the master nodes. If one could reclaim one’s money at any time, the administrative effort would be far too great and master nodes would not be effective. As a rule, the winnings payments are automatically transferred to your own BTC wallet every 14 days.

In our experience report below we give our results after 111 days and show how much we have earned so far.

After 180 days the own pool value can be paid out again. This pool value is not 1to1 again the deposit you have made, but the current value of all Masternode Coins acquired with our stake. This can deviate from the Bitcoin rate, i.e. it can be worth more or less. The exact calculation is:

Pool value = current value of Altcoins / Bitcoin – lost coins due to broken master nodes

So there’s a certain amount of risk involved, which is why we can only advise everyone to only deposit as much as they can handle the loss.

Getnode experiences – 36% after 111 days

On 12.02.2019 we registered and paid 1.39 BTC. After 111 days we have received 0.50052 BTC on our wallet again. We have not decided to reinvest our earnings again. If we had decided to do so, our 2-week payouts would already be much bigger. But we wanted to play it safe.

0.50052 / 1,39 = 36% makes therefore approx. 0,32% passive income per day or 9,7% per month, which we find really neat.

As I said, after 180 days we don’t get back exactly our stake, but the current pool value. Even with a conservative calculation of a pool value reduction of 30%, we would still be in the black. The increase in value of Bitcoin is not even included in this calculation.

As you can see, the payouts fluctuate. This is due to several reasons. The Masternode payouts vary. Different master nodes are rejected and others are bought again, or the pool value of our master nodes changes compared to the Bitcoin price. Nevertheless, the revenues are quite respectable.

In just under 2 months the 180 days will expire and we have the possibility to pay out our current pool value again. Whether we decide to do so, we will then decide. But at the moment everything is running smoothly and we are happy to be part of it. If you also want to be part of it, you can register directly here.

Advantages of Getnode at a glance

  • Payment also in Euro
  • Payout every two weeks automatically in Bitcoin
  • Interest income / block reward is paid daily
  • Managed Pool by GetNode, therefore no effort for its members
  • Fast and friendly support via e-mail
  • Full investment in Masternodes, company only earns if we earn

After 180 days you can cancel “your master nodes” and get the current value back

Conclusion of our Getnode test report

We are satisfied with our results so far. We would like to see a little more transparency from Getnode. For example, we cannot see in our member area how our pool is currently distributed. However, the results speak for themselves. Income of almost 10% per month is really outstanding. If you add to this the current increase in the Bitcoin price, our participation in the Getnode Club has clearly paid off. We once asked the provider if they could give us information about the current value of our pool. So we could show you here the actual value of our contribution.

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