The League of Legends Hype – Profit With BTC

The League of Legends Hype – Profit With BTC

League of Legends has started a new PR campaign. Normally rather inconspicuous LoL pros like “Doublelift” are now being turned into pop stars with their own music videos. That’s the problem: League of Legends is an incredibly popular eSport, especially in South Korea and China. Someone recently said about the “Worlds” that are currently taking place: It’s like the Asian Super Bowl.

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You need idols

Such events need their heroes, need stories that the fans can follow. However, the top players in League of Legends don’t exactly look like global mega stars á la Cristiano Ronaldo or LeBron James. Most are very young, between 18 and 25, and appear more sober and shy. They are not looking for the spotlight.

With a new advertising campaign, Riot Games is now trying to tell the hero story behind its athletes.

This is the new campaign: Riot Games‘ new advertising campaign is the video series “It’s On”. Here you take top LoL players and tell their story in an animated video clip. The video “Unstoppable” makes the beginning. Here you can see how ADC Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng went from a stay-at-home to a LoL professional. He is 25 and therefore, for LoL conditions, a veteran.

He says the graphics look great. Especially his hairstyle over the years was perfect. As a fantasy story, he would simply find it “sick” and cool. That’s what he would say if he wasn’t in it. Now he can hardly wait how the community reacts.

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The community obviously likes the video. With 700,000 views, that already has over 40,000 Likes and less than 1000 Dislikes.

28 million see bombastically staged LoL video

This is how Riot Games stages the LoL Worlds 2018: The “official music video” of the Worlds in League of Legends is even more glaring: these are the LoL World Championships, in which the best clubs from all over the world compete against each other.

Here you can summarize last year’s winner Kang “Ambition” Cang-yong’s “hero’s journey” with his team Samsung Galaxy in poetic pictures. The mountain climb you see there corresponds to the course of the games that the team took and won in 2017.

The LoL Worlds video has over 28 million views on YouTube. So you can say: The strategy of League of Legends seems to work.

At the end of the video, the previously defeated star player “Uzi” wakes up. He and his team RNG are considered favourites to win the Worlds 2018 in League of Legends. In practice, the stars are not always so heroic:

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