Handball Betting Strategy

Handball Betting Strategy

Handball is a sport characterized by speed and many goals. Fast attacks, physical play and many goal shots or goal throws make the fight of 7 players each (6 field players + 1 goalkeeper) for victory after 2×30 minutes an exciting experience for fans – and meanwhile also for sport tipsters.

In the past, especially at large tournaments of interest, bets on league games have become very popular. The sport of handball has thus experienced a clear upswing in recent years – what has remained is the fact that games are often difficult to predict and therefore not an easy matter for enthusiastic handball fans.

On closer examination of the range of bets and the events in the world of handball, however, some indicators and tricks can be filtered out that can help to increase betting luck if used according to plan. With the appropriate background information, the characteristics of “fast, goal-oriented play” can be used to the advantage of the sports tipster.

Information Is Imortant

At the beginning of every scheduled strategy for sports betting (see also bestbitcoinbetting.com) is information. As with King Soccer, Tennis or Formula 1 betting, the first thing is to find out as much information as possible about the teams involved. The following factors play an interesting role in handball:

  • The teams: general condition of the players, acute injuries, suspensions, hosts or away matches, change of coaches? other relevant events that could significantly influence the performance of the game,…
  • The results: what results were last achieved by both teams. Is there a team that’s on a roll right now? When analysing the results, it is of course important not only to focus on victory, draw or defeat, but also to include the opponent. Losing to the leader of the standings is not the same as losing to the last player.
  • The Head to Head: Head-to-head means the balance sheet in direct comparison. How many times have the two teams faced each other? When was that and how did those games end? If the last direct duel is already further in the past, this point cannot be given too much importance, as the teams and their squad composition have probably changed considerably.
  •  Goals: The goal of handball is to score as many goals as possible, at least more than the opponent. The analysis of the scored results provides valuable information for further action in sports betting. In particular, how many goals have the team scored in the last five games? How many of these were done in front of your own audience and how many in other halls? A calculation of the average trend of the goals scored at the last home or guest matches can also be of decisive interest.

Many of these relevant data and facts are made available on the platforms of the betting providers in statistics tools. And of course the World Wide Web has all the information you need when it comes to handball.

If these are carried together, the difficult situation of the bets on handball probably shows up once more – because if a three-way bet is to be played, the following scenario is pre-programmed in most cases:

Statistically, a handball game rarely ends in a draw. Since one goal is more or less decisive for victory or defeat and no delay is possible, as in football (30 minutes playing time = total, if the clock stops), there is a winner in most matches. Due to the many goals and the possible quick turnaround towards the end of the season, a winner’s tip in the pre-match betting often turns out to be a difficult decision.

If, however, the decision is made easy for the sports bettor due to the initial situation, a clear favourite is involved in the game. However, this also means that if you tip the team that is supposedly much better, there are usually hardly any really profitable odds offered.

The number of goals can decide

One way to avoid this dilemma is to place special bets. Good betting providers in the field of handball betting, such as Bwin, Bet365 or Tipico equip their range of betting options with an attractive selection.

If a winner’s tip is to remain on a supposedly clear favourite, it makes sense to take a closer look at the offer of handicap bets. Successful tips also require precise analysis and preparation based on the information collected.

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