Bitcoin: The next big thing

Bitcoin: The next big thing

David Chaum, a living legend among Bitcoin enthusiasts, recently predicted the next great in crypto space. In his opinion, private messenger systems with integrated payment options will be the “killer app” for Bitcoin.

He believes that increased sensitivity to privacy and digital sovereignty will pave the way for blockchain and crypto currencies. He stressed that end-to-end encryption, which is currently the standard on message platforms like WhatsApp, will not be enough.

In the future, people will develop the need to protect their own digital sovereignty more. In order to prevent third parties from accessing all metadata, technical solutions such as blockchain will have to be used in the future.

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He told Bloomberg about the next big thing: “So it’s a payment system based on digital bearer securities, digital coins, and a solution for the “who talks to whom” – the metadata problem – that provides a way to run dApps securely outside the blockchain.

It remains to be seen whether people will end up using Facebook’s crypto currency, whose reputation has been scratched anyway, or whether the Bitcoin will be integrated into an existing system. Both investment possibilities stand on the recommendation list. Whereby the share of a Bitcoin position in the portfolio should be clearly smaller due to the high risk.

About David Chaum

The US-American cryptologist was significantly involved in the idea of the Bitcoin. Not directly, but he provided the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto with a considerable amount of basic work on which he could build. Chaum, for example, founded DigiCash in 1990 and the International Association for Cryptology Research in 1982.


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