A Wish Come True

A Wish Come True

A poker tournament has been arranged by a crime kingpin gone with a buy in of $10 million of debt. Ten of the super rich, some with questionable histories, assembled to play some cards and signed up. Two are so that you can drive the bad guy to join forces secret agents, attempting to win the match.

And it shall be, Friday as come, some of the most affluent individuals on earth assemble to play with the poker match from Casino Royale for actual!

It is getting close, although the reality is not completely matching up to the Bond film just yet. Rather the group will come in Monaco.

Above all, though, the coordinator is not attempting to make back some cash that is lost; he is a billionaire acting out of altruistic motivations. Though if they are any good at their job, we’ll likely never understand and it is not yet been seen if any secret agents will participate.

But other than those changes that are little the One Drop Extravaganza is a film and I could not be more excited about it.

In the Bond film, Phil Ivey or no Daniel Negreanu signed up for the tournament. Bond’s first cover was that of an expert gambler however (Mr. Arlington Beech). During the One Fall, no professional poker players are permitted, something we looked at last week. This really is most likely the motive the poker community is not especially expecting the tournament eagerly; there’s no actual buzz yet encompassing the largest buy in tournament so far. I simply expect the rule of ’no profs let‘ results in a more enjoyable setting with unbelievable activity and some larger than life characters.

There is just one thing I am a larger supporter of than James Bond, which’s poker. Ten years past when I attentively started out playing some poker myself, I have everything. I saw everything and anything; the Monte Carlo Millions heads up match between Paul and Ivey Jackson was about the peak for me. In my experience, that was poker!

We sat on tip up seats and had to cope ourselves, keeping our faces put in our hoodies due to the odor. Not actually close to what I ‚d imagined.

While crossing the road I immediately abandoned a a career but imagined myself walking around in Monaco, dodging Ferraris. There was just just one realistic means to reach it. A job as reporter would have to do if I could not go there to play. Nine years past I got involved with PokerNews. I must confess, I was somewhat disappointed once I discovered I was not going to Casino de Monte-Carlo, but rather had to cover the occasion from the Monte-Carlo Bay Casino. The tournament room for the EPT Grand Final lately, the Salle des Étoiles, is very impressive – particularly when the roof opens.

For the very first time within my life, I Will bring a suit. Wall by the most wealthy people on earth, I Will see a battle of players who ponied up the 1 million euro buyin. I can not wait and I Will be certain to turn my excitement into solid reporting on all occasions in an extensive website and Monaco later.

Who will be the One Drop Extravaganza players? Friday we are going to find out!

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