5 reasons why the Bitcoin (BTC) price will definitely continue to rise!

5 reasons why the Bitcoin (BTC) price will definitely continue to rise!

Crypto-pessimists think that the Bitcoin (BTC) price at the end of 2017 was driven up completely arbitrarily by speculators and knights of fortune. They think that Bitcoin is only digital play money and will go towards zero in time.

As you can read at http://www.educationviews.org/will-bitcoin-change-the-world-financial-system/ or https://www.whiteoutpress.com/altcions-are-they-better-than-bitcoin/, BTC is in everyones mouth and booming again. We’ve collected reasons why Bitcoin (BTC) will definitely reach a new all-time high sooner or later:

  1. Bitcoin acquisition and trading are still quite complicated at the moment. With increasing development, the crypto sector will become more beginner-friendly, resulting in new investors who are technically not particularly affine.
  2. It is only a matter of time before the abolition of cash and the associated total monitoring of our financial transactions approaches. In order to regain lost anonymity, crypto currencies are ideally suited (even if not all coins allow complete anonymity).
  3. The infrastructure of the crypto sector is growing and growing. More and more companies accept payments with Bitcoin, more and more ATMs are set up.
  4. Bitcoin itself is naturally becoming more advanced with every passing day. As soon as Lightning is mass-produced, Bitcoin (BTC) transactions become faster, cheaper and more anonymous. One reason for Bitcoin’s price drop in December 2017 was that transaction costs rose immeasurably.
  5. So far, Bitcoin has mainly been a project for tech enthusiasts. Large companies, banks and financial institutions are gradually recognising the potential of crypto currencies and are entering the industry. Even if not all of them will work directly with Bitcoin, experience has shown that an expansion of the blockchain ecosystem also leads to an increasing adaptation of Bitcoin.

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